ME Ventures: The Music-Tech Fund

Imagine a world where artists are reliant on their hustle & talent, not their financial background...
80% equity for $150K. In addition to giving up creative control, this became the standard deal for musicians to make a living. With distribution historically owned by the label, young artists like Jalen & Jerry didn’t have a choice. The rise of technology now changes this narrative.
The explosion of music-tech tools match the YoY revenue growth experienced in the industry (predicted to double in value by 2030), as we see people focus more time & resources on music post-pandemic. But how will musicians best use these tools to capitalize on the growing revenues in music?
ME Ventures invests in proven music-tech tools, then coaches artists how to use and optimize their revenue (powered by the Music Entrepreneur education ecosystem). Music Entrepreneur is the first label to serve an unlimited capacity of musicians, by providing access to 35-40 label-level tools & A.I.-powered personalized coaching.
The ME team has toured and traveled the world, performing, networking and building partnerships for decades. From Streaming in Africa to Sync in Asia and touring across Europe, Latin America, and more. ME Masters have educated and supported millions of rising musicians and industry entrepreneurs. Now, Music Entrepreneur is bringing them all to one place.

We’re redefining how to build a music career. We’re always open & excited for more strategic partners, from communities to technologies to investors. Let’s evolve and democratize the music industry together.
You’ve been hustling solo for too long.
It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Our team has sold over 350M records, We know a thing or two about reaching goals. We know a thing or two about reaching goals.