“They have challenged me, held me accountable, provided growth opportunities, and their influence has been huge for my development in the past several months.”

- Natalie Reis, ME Artist

Looking to Grow Even Faster?

The Music Entrepreneur accelerators give you hands-on coaching and personalized resources to put your business plan into action, reinforce your skill sets, meet like-minded artists, gain work experience within the industry and talk to some of the most successful musicians in the ME community.

1. Foundations

Our Foundations accelerator is for emerging musicians looking for their music to take them full-time.

2. Academy

The Academy accelerator helps you build your skill set & revenue in a focused area of your music business; such as songwriting, production, marketing, releases, administration and more!

You’ve been hustling solo for too long.
It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Our team has sold over 350M records, We know a thing or two about reaching goals. We know a thing or two about reaching goals.