Turn Your Music Into a Sustainable Career

Build Your Empire, Brick by Brick
Music Entrepreneur is your personalized business coach. We help you build the foundation for a sustainable career by collecting and analyzing your career data and then help you understand, plan and track your growth! We also help you connect with and learn from industry legends, leaders and innovators via ME events and networking opportunities.
Step 1: Data Intake

We collect data from your social, streaming and more, and use machine learning / predictive analytics to be your crystal ball into the future.

Step 2: Business Strategy

We'll help prioritize your most important tasks, teach you the skills you need to hit your goals, and connect you with specific tools and resources to help you grow.

Step 3: Career Growth

Gain access the Music Entrepreneur global professional network via events and workshops, personalized coaching,   collaboration matchmaking and more.

Label Level Tools & Insights at Your fingertips.
We're With You at Every Step
One platform with all the tools & data insights you need to start, run, and grow your career.
Increase your productivity

Use one platform to build your business strategy, get organized and increase your productivity.

increase your revenue

Take the guesswork out of your career. We’ll provide personalized guidance using your data & our industry expertise.  We’ll help you become more efficient with your time and more resourceful with your money.

find the right partners

Get matched with relevant industry pros, connect with label level services, network with global innovators, and find reliable growth opportunities you need to take your business to the next level.

What Sets Us Apart
Key Business Function
  • Personalized career plan to map out your future
  • Data driven monthly, weekly, and daily business tasks and strategy
  • AI-driven personalized fan & revenue growth opportunities and recommendations 
  • Expert support and unbiased business advice
  • Data driven resources, coaches and lessons to enhance your talent and business knowledge
  • Keep 100% of your royalties
  • Live events and step-by-step support
  • Feedback from relevant industry experts
  • Community networking with artists and business experts tailored to your interests and goals
  • Tailored growth accelerators led by industry leaders
  • Average cost is $30/month
Music Entrepreneur

Hear from our growing Music Entrepreneurs.

“Every time I work with Music Entrepreneur, I meet powerful entrepreneurs who help me see the next steps to pursue my dream.”
- MissChelle, ME Artist
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What we are best at

Your Personalized Tools

Business Plan
Create a data driven plan with custom timelines, tasks and goals.
Understand Your Data
Track your relevant metrics & discover the optimal activities to drive growth.
Financial Growth
Grow your audience & revenue with personalized recommendations and vetted tools and services.
Apply for our growth programs.
  • ME Brand Bootcamp
  • Going Global Workshop
Execute your tasks with customized lessons & industry best tools.
Connect with industry coaches,  global leaders and receive relevant career opportunities.
You’ve been hustling solo for too long.
It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Our team has sold over 350M records, We know a thing or two about reaching goals. We know a thing or two about reaching goals.